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Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos History

Dueling Pianos - History

The idea of the dueling pianos act originated in Texas, when a typical piano bar (a bar which features one piano player taking requests and entertaining dinner customers, etc. - watch any 70's movie or TV show and you will see the single piano player bar / restaurant) decided to "ramp things up" and have two piano players sit at two pianos and perform together.  An instant "banter" started to develop between the two piano players as they performed songs, and this banter between the piano players, fueled by a positive audience reaction, would eventually turn into the comedy, or "schtick" that modern dueling pianos include in their show.  The word of the success of dueling pianos spread quickly to other cities in the US, mainly Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most people got their first taste of the dueling pianos concept when they visited the New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas.  Bar at Times Square dueling pianos were a hit show from the beginning.  This bar, located directly in the middle of the casino floor, attracts customers by the hundred and the bar is usually so crowded that you can't even get in.  Bar at Times Square was set up by someone who knew what they were doing when it came to building a successful dueling pianos bar.  The pianos are directly in the middle of the room, surrounded by tables, with NO TVs on in the background and no other distractions.  The attention is focused directly on the dueling pianos in the center of the room.  This is the ONLY way to set up a dueling pianos environment at a bar.


BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATORS!  There are some "fly by the seat of their pants" dueling pianos out there who show up dressed like bums, bring plastic cheap keyboards on stands instead of pianos, and if they are part of the chain dueling piano bars like "scowl at the goon" and "bernie gags" (not their real names, but you get the point) - they will send out their WORST pianists and cheap sound and lighting equipment.  Trust us, we've seen it, and you don't want it.

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos always brings in state of the art sound and LED lighting equipment, and FULL SIZE grand pianos.  There is NO dueling piano act in the United States that has as much time and equipment invested in their product as BIG SHOW dueling pianos.


BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos were voted "Entertainers of the Year" by WGN, Chicago

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos were inducted into Dick Clark's Walk of Fame.

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos received the award for "Best Variety Entertainment" by The Village Voice, NYC

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos won "Best Dueling Piano Act" in the Dueling Piano "Duel Off" at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FloridaAll Contents on this Site and the Name and Likeness of Big Show Dueling Pianos are Copyright American Entertainment Solutions, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.